The recent steps taken by bitumen commission

The recent steps taken by bitumen commission

Considering the problems related to the exporting of bitumen and in order to  boost up export of this product , the commission has proposed that  tar manufacturing companies put their products at the disposal of exporters in trust and based on  specified day rate . So that they would pack the product with their own expense and  considering the present conditions that the market of this product has been stopped, it would be kept in warehouses in depot and marketing for it  would  be done in the interval . Of course , it  will be done on partnership investment and in addition to it by aiming  of  conserving bitumen and  making the  warehouse of the producers empty for further use. More over , tar producers shall expand necessary deadline for the exporters at least 3 to 4 months in order to repay for the sum of the bitumen .

Fixing price for exporting bitumen

Fluctuations commission shall determine and examine the international and domestic markets regularly and will declare the new prices of types of exporting tar each month . it is worthy to be mentioned that these prices will be declare at the request of central bank of Iran in order to provide price index for exporting commodities for the mentioned bank .

Studying on 3% paid sum to bitumen producers for charges aggregation

Considering that several exporters of bitumen have paid some sums as charges aggregation (export deposit ) in 2005 to the producers , thus following pursuits made and agreement reached , it was ordained that exporters would return the paid sum while presenting necessary documents and according a notarized power of attorney , if they have deposited any sums for charges aggregation in the years 2006 and 2007 it would be surveyed and returned .







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