Iranian Oil ,Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters' Union

The major recent activities accomplished by paraffin products commission

Investigating of prices in international markets and pricing for paraffin and foots oil- 

The commission of paraffin products regularly studies the international markets and closely studies and followsup price fluctuations in the target markets such as Indian , Chinese and African markets and considering the most applications of paraffin in production of candle industries , the commission considers quality of product and by taking into consideration the possibility of changing in prices in international markets, this commission take action for pricing types of paraffin and foots oil .

-Imposing export levies on slack wax

Considering that slack wax which is extracted in the process of oil refinement as a subsidiary product needed as the initial material for paraffin producers and exporting this product caused shortage of this material in domestic markets and this leads the paraffin producing factories to be suspended, thus in adjusting of the market and preventing the export of non-processed primary material and protection of domestic manufacturers , levy of export charges for this product has been confirmed by the commission and necessary proposals have been submitted through Iranian oil , gas ,and petrochemical products exporters' union to impose charges for exporting of slack wax and conveyed it to  the Iranian trade development organization so , relevant steps would be taken by supreme export council on the basis of note D of article 33 of law of fourth developing program .


-Holding expertise group work for determining procedure for pricing lobe cut

Considering that lobe cut is used as primary material in paraffin production industries , thus in order to  specify a procedure for determining lobe cut price on the basis of materials produced out of it and determining its coefficient dependence to manufactured products , the paraffin products commission has set up  a group work composed of several persons among experienced members , in order to survey through accomplishing expert work in this field hoping that the results will be declared in the near future .






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The section of oil, gas and petro-chemistry is the up-most and first industrial vantage of the country and the pivot of the Economy of Iran. Regarding the importance of this section and the need for coordinating and organizing the most active people in the field of production and exporting oil ,gas, and petrochemical products ,some forethoughtful and job- makers in the private section of the country decided to come together to fight against the threats by using the opportunity of mass intelligence and potentials.