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Gas Producers Shift Operations to Landfills
THROOP, Pa.— The highest
prices in years have made producing natural gas profitable
just about anywhere. But with
companies trimming their
emissions and new tax breaks
for waste-to-energy projects,
some of the most lucrative
places to extract gas are garbage dumps.
14:05 ( 06 12 22)
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Oil Price Wavers as Russia Cap Kicks In
The West imposed sanctions
on Russian crude, pitching the
energy conflict with Moscow
into an unpredictable new phase
that could inject further volatility into global oil markets
14:02 ( 06 12 22)
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Venezuela Return Brings Chevron Risk
The U.S. government reversed course in late November and cleared the way for
Chevron Corp. to pump oil in
Venezuela again, but the company’s new license to operate
carries considerable risk.
15:49 ( 05 12 22)
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Japan To Bolster Supplies Of LNG
TOKYO—Japan’s government
is planning to create a strategic
buffer of liquefied natural gas,
trying to build resilience against
the kind of energy crunch that
hit Europe this year.
15:39 ( 05 12 22)
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OPEC+ Locks In Crude Output Levels
Cartel opts against
raising production even
as price cap on Russian
oil threatens disruption
15:27 ( 05 12 22)
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The West’s proposed price cap on Russian oil is no magic weapon
The global energy system is far more flexible than you think
Nov 30th 2022
13:14 ( 03 12 22)
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Energy Politics to Shift in House
GOP control improves
prospects for oil, gas,
while slowdown seen
for green transition
13:57 ( 29 11 22)
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EU puts Russia oil price cap in thefast lane
Brussels struggles for
unity on measure to
cut Putin’s war funds
13:31 ( 28 11 22)
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EU Hits Snag on Deal for Russian Oil Cap
Talks stall as nations
can’t agree on a price
ceiling, but diplomats
hope for accord soon
15:48 ( 26 11 22)
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OPEC+ Weighs Pumping More Oil
Higher output would
partially reverse cuts
amid an expected EU
embargo on Moscow
16:40 ( 22 11 22)
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The section of oil, gas and petro-chemistry is the up-most and first industrial vantage of the country and the pivot of the Economy of Iran. Regarding the importance of this section and the need for coordinating and organizing the most active people in the field of production and exporting oil ,gas, and petrochemical products ,some forethoughtful and job- makers in the private section of the country decided to come together to fight against the threats by using the opportunity of mass intelligence and potentials.