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Fuel prices set on fire
Omar Ayub claims Pakistan has lowest petrol price in subcontinent even after this revision
10:20 ( 27 06 20)
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Iran marks Persian Gulf National Day
Iranians mark the National Persian Gulf Day, which is the anniversary of the victory over Portuguese troops during a war in the Persian Gulf in 1622.
11:23 ( 29 04 20)
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Five new investment contracts to be signed in Chabahar port: Official
Deputy Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) for Ports and Economic Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan said that seven investment contracts were concluded by the private sector during the last year and five more are underway in the first half of the current Iranian year.
11:20 ( 29 04 20)
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Eurasia reduces tariffs to zero on 10 Iranian exports items
Eurasia has granted preferential tariffs and exemptions from customs duties to 10 Iranian export goods since April 1, said the head of the Industry, Mine, and Trade Organization of Gilan Province on Tuesday.
11:16 ( 29 04 20)
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Russia needs to borrow 1 trillion roubles
Russia will need more than 1 trillion roubles ($13.44 billion) of additional borrowing this year to cover the shortfall in non-oil and gas revenues, the Interfax news agency cited Finance Minister Anton Siluanov as saying on Saturday.
14:25 ( 25 04 20)
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How The COVID-19 Plastic Boom Could Save The Oil Industry
What happens when you give industries that are frequently ostracized for their role in environmental degradation an 'open license to pollute?' They take it with open arms.
14:23 ( 20 04 20)
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World Bank to launch COVID-19 emergency programs in over 100 countries by end of April
World Bank Group President David Malpass speaks at a virtual press conference, in Washington D.C., the United States, on April 17, 2020. The World Bank Group (WBG) is expected to launch health emergency programs in over 100 countries by the end of April to support the fight against COVID-19, with 64 already in operation, President David Malpass said Friday.
14:10 ( 20 04 20)
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Oil Prices Hit $15 For The First Time In 21 Years
A gruesome combination of crumbling demand for crude and global storage filled to its brim has pushed oil prices to levels not seen in over two decades.
13:58 ( 20 04 20)
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Is Saudi Arabia Restarting The Oil War?
Saudi Arabia’s oil giant Aramco has just announced the pricing for its oil for May, with deeper discounts for customers in Asia for the second month in a row, despite Sunday’s historic global production cut deal.
15:27 ( 14 04 20)
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The Sad Truth About The OPEC+ Production Cut
Quite aside from the subtler elements of the oil deal announced late last week that are likely to undermine its ability to stave off further oil price lows in the coming weeks...
12:15 ( 14 04 20)
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The section of oil, gas and petro-chemistry is the up-most and first industrial vantage of the country and the pivot of the Economy of Iran. Regarding the importance of this section and the need for coordinating and organizing the most active people in the field of production and exporting oil ,gas, and petrochemical products ,some forethoughtful and job- makers in the private section of the country decided to come together to fight against the threats by using the opportunity of mass intelligence and potentials.