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Russia’s Wealth Fund: Oil Price War With U.S. Would Hurt Russian Economy
Russia shouldn’t try to bring U.S. shale production down with an oil price war.
11:28 ( 26 02 19)
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Exxon Signs Up For Germany LNG Project
Exxon has inked a preliminary agreement with Germany Uniper for future LNG supplies to a new import terminal in Wilhelmshaven, Reuters reports, citing the German company.
11:25 ( 26 02 19)
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The 7 Factors Driving Oil Prices In 2019
Last year, oil prices rallied all the way up to a four year high before plunging more than $30. There were many factors at play during that volatile period, most notably the Iranian sanctions and the resultant promise by OPEC+ to boost production to avoid a supply shortage. Volatility appears to have continued into 2019, with uncertainty rife across a number of key areas in this year’s oil markets.
11:17 ( 26 02 19)
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U.S. Set To Pump More Oil Than Russia And Saudis Combined
In a major shift, the United States is set to produce more oil and liquids than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined by 2025.
10:17 ( 26 02 19)
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South Africa Oil Discovery Could Be A Game-Changer
One of the promising hotspots for oil and gas exploration drilling this year—South Africa’s offshore—has just yielded a massive natural gas and condensate find that could open a new exploration province for oil majors and change the energy fortunes of South Africa.
10:11 ( 26 02 19)
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U.S. Sanctions, OPEC Cuts Create Rare Oil Price Shakeup
Due to tighter supply of medium and heavy sour crude oil, Middle Eastern benchmarks for sour crude grades have been trading higher than Brent Crude prices since the beginning of February in a rarely seen development in global oil prices.
9:56 ( 26 02 19)
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Russia-Ukraine Enter Gas Transit Talks
In Brussels, Russia and Ukraine held ministerial-level talks on the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe via Ukraine (TASS, January 22, 2019).
9:53 ( 26 02 19)
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114 foreign SMEs ready to cooperate in Iran’s oil projects
member of the energy committee of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), Reza Padidar, said 114 foreign small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have expressed willingness to cooperate in Iran’s oil projects, Tasnim reported.
11:59 ( 26 01 19)
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OPEX Annual Conference
13th annual convention of the Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical association(OPEX) was held on Sunday under the name of "Rule-oriented and rent-free development of export".
11:25 ( 26 01 19)
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Why Russia Isn’t Worried About Lower Oil Prices
Even as Saudi Arabia has scrambled to prevent a bust in the oil market, so far failing to head off a dramatic price slide, Russia seems just fine with prices where they are.
Russia is a key piece of the oil price puzzle. OPEC, once a coalition of oil-producing members that made joint decisions to maintain market stability, has morphed into a Saudi-led cartel that desperately needs Russian cooperation to strengthen the group’s efforts. Many OPEC members are either at maximum capacity, are suffering from production declines at aging fields, or are characterized by instability, making any promises to boost or cut production hollow. that leaves Saudi Arabia and its new strategic partner, Russia.
11:24 ( 26 01 19)
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