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114 foreign SMEs ready to cooperate in Iran’s oil projects
member of the energy committee of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), Reza Padidar, said 114 foreign small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have expressed willingness to cooperate in Iran’s oil projects, Tasnim reported.
11:59 ( 26 01 19)
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OPEX Annual Conference
13th annual convention of the Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical association(OPEX) was held on Sunday under the name of "Rule-oriented and rent-free development of export".
11:25 ( 26 01 19)
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Why Russia Isn’t Worried About Lower Oil Prices
Even as Saudi Arabia has scrambled to prevent a bust in the oil market, so far failing to head off a dramatic price slide, Russia seems just fine with prices where they are.
Russia is a key piece of the oil price puzzle. OPEC, once a coalition of oil-producing members that made joint decisions to maintain market stability, has morphed into a Saudi-led cartel that desperately needs Russian cooperation to strengthen the group’s efforts. Many OPEC members are either at maximum capacity, are suffering from production declines at aging fields, or are characterized by instability, making any promises to boost or cut production hollow. that leaves Saudi Arabia and its new strategic partner, Russia.
11:24 ( 26 01 19)
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Turkey Stands Firmly Against U.S. Sanctions On Iran
Following unexpected and dramatic full and "immediate" withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Syria, turkey has announced it will not play ball on Iran sanctions.
11:22 ( 26 01 19)
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Chinese Refiners Aren’t Buying U.S. Crude
Chinese refiners are not buying more U.S. oil despite the three-month truce agreed by Presidents trump and Xi last month, Reuters reports, citing cargo loading plans of Chinese downstream operators.
According the Reuters, Chinese demand for U.S. crude has been dampened by political uncertainty around the trade war and, more directly, by relatively high costs of transportation. this means that despite the truce and future positive developments in bilateral talks on trade, U.S. oil will have yet to become a major element of China’s imported crude oil mix.
11:20 ( 26 01 19)
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Aramco Fights to Protect Asian Market Share Ahead Of Cuts
Aramco will ship the full volumes of crude contracted by Asian refiners in a bid to protect its market share in the biggest consuming region in the world ahead of production cuts that come into effect next month.
S&P Global Platts quotes sources from the refining and oil trading sectors in Asia as confirming refiners will not be subjected to supply cuts like the United States. Last week Bloomberg reported Riyadh could reduce crude oil exports to the United States to the lowest in three decades.
11:17 ( 26 01 19)
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Total to Launch Oil Exports From New Nigerian Field In February
Just as OPEC and partners will have started the new round of production cuts to reduce oversupply, France’s total is set to begin exports from the new ultra-deep Egina oil field offshore Nigeria in February 2019, at an initial rate of just over 100,000 bpd, Bloomberg reported on thursday, quoting a copy of a loading program for the new grade it had seen.
the Egina oil field project is based on a subsea production system connected to a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit. the field’s production capacity is forecast at 200,000 bpd—around 10 percent of Nigeria’s total oil production, the project operator total says.
11:16 ( 26 01 19)
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Lessons From The Oil Markets In 2018
Looking back over a period as long as a year may, to many traders, seem like a pointless exercise. One of the psychological traits needed if you are to trade regularly and stay sane is a poor, or at least selective, memory. Wrong calls and mistakes are inevitable. Dwelling on them only produces fear and trepidation, neither of which are conducive to making good decisions. However, I frequently stress the importance of setting and sticking to stop losses and if you have done that, looking back can be informative. It shows the importance of being disciplined in that regard and enables you to learn from both successes and failures. With that in mind, let’s look back at the last twelve months.
11:14 ( 26 01 19)
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Shell Doubles Renewables Investment
Shell plans to increase the annual amount of money it invests in renewable energy to US$4 billion, the supermajor’s head of gas and new energy, Maarten Wetselaar told the Guardian in an interview.
11:12 ( 26 01 19)
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Middle East Gas Game Accelerates As ENI Wins Concessions
Italian oil and gas major ENI has left other international oil majors behind as it has been awarded a long-range of new concession agreements with Abu Dhabi’s national oil company ADNOC, Sharjah’s national oil SNOC and Bahrain’s national oil and gas authority NOGA. In a surprise sweep, the Italians beat Asian and Western competitors for several major offshore opportunities, bringing the company in as one of the major players in the Arabian Gulf constellation.
14:58 ( 16 01 19)
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