Navigating the Future: Saudi Arabia’s 75% Saudisation goal in energy careers

Navigating the Future: Saudi Arabia’s 75% Saudisation goal in energy careers

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In a strategic move to bolster national employment and reduce dependency on foreign labour, Saudi Arabia’s energy sector is set to undergo a significant transformation. Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, the Saudi Energy Minister, has announced an ambitious plan to ensure that 75% of jobs in the energy sector are held by Saudi nationals, marking a major step in the Kingdom’s Saudisation efforts.

At the forefront of this initiative, the Saudi energy sector, known for its pivotal role in the global market, is identified as having a higher potential for Saudisation compared to other sectors. This comes at a time when the global energy industry faces various challenges, including a notable gender disparity, with women’s participation lingering around 15%.

“The energy sector at the global level is struggling with difficulties. According to global statistics, women’s participation in the energy sector represents 15 percent,” Prince Abdulaziz stated during his speech at the Human Capacity Initiative, which was held in Riyadh this week.

This endeavour is not isolated but part of a comprehensive strategy to develop human resources and capital within the Kingdom. Efforts to achieve this target will involve collaboration across multiple government agencies, including the Ministry of Education, to focus on building capabilities, retaining employees, and notably, empowering women. A dedicated committee, with representatives from various sectors, has been established to spearhead research, development, and professional training initiatives.

Prince Abdulaziz emphasised the critical importance of developing human resources and capital for achieving success in this initiative. This announcement aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision to diversify its economy and reduce oil dependency by enhancing the employment of Saudi nationals across various sectors.

The Saudisation programme, which mandates the employment of Saudi nationals across different industries, varies in its requirements and deadlines. It’s designed to boost the local job market by encouraging companies to hire and nurture local talent. The Nitaqat, or Saudisation certificate, categorises companies based on their compliance with Saudisation targets, impacting their eligibility for government contracts and other privileges.

By focusing on the energy sector, Saudi Arabia is not only aiming to secure jobs for its citizens but also to ensure that the sector remains competitive and innovative by tapping into the potential of its local workforce. This move is a clear indicator of the Kingdom’s commitment to a sustainable and self-reliant economic future.

Apr 16, 2024 11:23


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